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Hello, I’m Raviraj — a technology-driven designer and developer who strives to create digital experiences that make life easier. Since my early teens, I was engrossed in tinkering and constructing interactions and modifications for iOS. Being one of the most relevant and experimental tweak developers in the iOS Jailbreak Community, traces of my work were later picked up by Apple and implanted on later versions of iOS.


I have designed and developed over 21 projects including native OS-level tweaks and apps that have touched more than 1 million devices globally — featured on tech-sites like Lifehacker, CNET and ProductHunt. My work has spanned from projects such as reimagining the restaurant menu to automated student attendance systems for classrooms. With a balance of programming and UX/UI design skills, my approach starts with sketches and ends with usable, real-world applications.


I’ve completed a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Lincoln in the UK and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Visual & Experience Design from the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin.

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