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The future of digital wellbeing tools

Forecasting UX trends in the space of digital wellbeing and how Apple or Google might improvise their own wellbeing tools built into iOS and Android. Part of my thesis that I completed in Berlin. The concept is divided into four ideas that tend to fix our social behaviour by spreading 'social antibodies' or nudging us when we've done too much doomscrolling. 

August 2020 — UX/UI Design, Research, Social Antibodies 

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Plant-oriented loyalty program

A governmental agency that shapes the shopping behaviour of citizens to combat climate change. The system rewards the purchase of eco-friendly products and deducts 'karma points' when the consumer buys products that negatively impact the environment. Earned 'karma points' can be redeemed for food and green alternatives.

July 2020 — UX/UI Design, Behavioural Design


Instagram Wellbeing

An experimental concept that predicts how Instagram might give users an option to turn on wellbeing features. These wellbeing features would allow the user to understand their social behaviour using on-device machine learning. It can showcase information like personality traits or emotional triggering content from their interactions and people they follow.

November 2019 — UX/UI Design, Data Mirrors, Quantified Self

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